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Aerolínea de Antioquia Airlines Ticket Reservation on Toll Free Number

Ada Air operating as Aerolínea de Antioquia (ADA), was a regional airline and the first airline in Albania. ADA ceased all operations on March 29, 2019. ADA was owned by the vice-president and founder Julien Roche who held 50% shares and another founder and president Marsel Skendo who owned the 50% share in the airline.

History and Journey ADA Air

The airline came into existence in 1991 and started operations on February 3, 1992. Its flights to Bari (Italy) marked the cornerstone in the history of civil aviation in Albania by being the first commercial flight performed by Albanian pilots. The airline was accepted by the IATA on May 25, 1992.

The airline started operated scheduled services from Albania Italy, Bari and flew to Greece, Italy (Rimini, Ancona), Kosovo, and Skopje (Macedonia). ADA also provided charter services through the Balkans and Europe. The airline was one of that popular choice for passengers traveling to Capurganá which is a very small and popular Colombian tourist destination with flights going pretty well booked. Also JetCost Flights Reservation Phone Number will help you to find some alternative airlines .

Services and Popular ADA destinations

The airline flew to Albania from Tirana International Airport and to Italy from Bari International Airport. It also operated one flight daily from Tirana to Bari and conducted cargo flights 5 times a week from Tirana to Thessaloniki.

The other major part of the business came from operating charter flights to Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. It also flew Cargo Service, Charter flights, and emergency service for VIP or sanitary evacuation.

Flights/ Fleet Details Aerolínea de Antioquia (ADA)

List of Charter Flights:

  • Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Istanbul and Antalya (Turkey)
  • Simpferopol (Ukraine)
  • Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
  • Chisinev (Moldavia)
  • Riga (Letonia)
  • Oslo (Norway)
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Belgium – Vewelgem
  • France – Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Marseille, Perpignan
  • Italy – Roma, Bologna, Ancona
  • Switzerland – Geneva, Zurich
  • Slovakia – Kosice, Bratislava
  • Romania -Bucuresti, Cluj
  • Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv
  • Croatia – Split, Zagreb
  • Greece – Thessaloniki
  • Cyprus – Larnaca
  • Malta – Valeta
  • Macedonia – Ohrid
  • Yugoslavia – Podgorica, Belgrade

ADA Fleet :E110, Yakovlev Yak-40, Fokker – FK28, AN12, ATR4, DHC8, L410, YK42, TU34, TU54, EMB 110P2 Bandeirante aircraft.

ADA AIR Contact Details (unverified):
Headquarters : Olaya Herrera Airport Medellín, Colombia South America

Tel: + 355 4 256 111

Fax: + 355 4 256 117 or + 355 4 240 888


General Director

Mr. Ilir ZEKA


Commercial Director

Mr. Bajram MUCA


Director of Operations

Mr. Stavri VESHO



 Contact in Tirana

World Travel



Tirana, Albania

Tel: +355 4 256 119/ 256 120 / 233 421

 Fax: +355 4 232 589



 Contact in Bari (Italy)


Ufficio di Rapresentanza

Aeroporto Bari Palese

Bari, Italia

Tel: +39 (080) 5316201/ 5383300

 Fax: +39 (080) 5316203

 GSM: +39 336 851111


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Located in: Colombia and Medellín

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