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When you need the Adda52 Rummy customer support number?
People invest their time in Adda52 Rummy to win big bucks and fabulous prizes in the conducted tournaments. However, while playing card games or opening it , they may face the below-mentioned errors:

  • Login errors
  • Unable to login Adda52 Rummy website
  • Installation issues
  • Fail to start rummy games
  • Unable to discover the methods of playing
  • Fail to withdrawal money from Adda52 Rummy wallet
  • Account ban balance is not visible, server error, connection issues, or any technical error.

To tackle such issues, you require instant helpdesk support to get assistance to play Adda52 Rummy games without interruption.

Adda52 Rummy Game

If you are seeking the most rewarding loyalty source to earn real money, then download and play Add52 Rummy games. Incredible platform for online poker players with unlimited rewards and points! Win daily and weekly cash backs and bonus rewards points to transform your dream of purchasing luxury cars and other wishes into reality. It is the safest website with secure payment gateways for depositing money in the wallet, the best user interface to play games without any error, and 24*7 customer supports to resolve issues. Let’s explore more about Adda52 Rummy games to earn money, how to resolve Adda52 Rummy deposit issues, withdrawal failure, or other usually found problems.

About Adda52 Rummy Company

Playing games is not only for fun you can also win good money out of it. For this, Adda52 Rummy is one of the online portals to give you the chance of winning real cash. It was founded in 2011 by MohitAgarwal and Anuj Gupta. is the most trustable India-based gaming platform that gained immense clicks. People of all ages, from students to old ages, are attracted to online rummy games. It contains many rummy card games, non-stop poker tasks, and multi-player tournaments.

How to download the Adda52 Rummy application?

You can download the Adda52 rummy app directly from the link provided on the website. It is totally free of cost.  No need to worry about the device you are using! It is compatible with Android, IOS, and even on desktop.

Download and install the Adda52 Rummy application on Android

Android users: Adda52 Rummy APP Google Play Store Download Adda52 Rummy From Google Play Store

  • Android users need to open their Google Play store
  • Discover the Adda52rummy app by writing on the search button
  • After this, you need to tap on the Install option
  • It will start downloading and installation
  • After this, start opening by clicking on the Open button as like other applications.

Download and install the Adda52 Rummy application on IOS:

Apple users: Apple APP Store Adda52 Rummy APP Download Adda52 Rummy From Apple Store

  • Firstly visit the App store
  • Write Adda52rummy app and then tap on Get option

Can I download the rummy app on my desktop with windows?

Yes, you can easily install the Add52rummy app on your PC. Here are the steps:

  • Initially, download the rummy apk on your computer or laptop with the Windows operating system.
  • Now locate the Microsoft store; it contains many Apps or Games tab
  • After this, you can visit the search bar and write the Adda52rummy app into it
  • Hit on the icon and then give a click on the Install button
  • Now launch the rummy app
  • After this now you are ready to create the rummy account
  • Proceed with playing the card games to earn money

Is the Adda52rummy app virus-free?

Yes, the Adda52rummy app is owned by Gaussian Networks private limited and has certifications of their encryption algorithms, such as the Random number generator certificate. They are implementing Encrypted Data transmission, Norton secure malware scan, identity verification to keep your data safe.

How can I deposit money on adda52rummy?

Adding money in add52rummy is a super-easy process similar to adding money on your other applications. Here are the steps:

  • Firstly you need to create an account by entering the fields in the form
  • Click on the My Account page
  • Hit Buy and Agree on option to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Now you can deposit money
  • The deposit limit and minimum deposit amount you can view on the cash deposit window

What payment methods can I use to deposit money in

You can perform payments by credit cards, debit cards, or net banking

Why am I unable to deposit money on the wallet?

The user faces deposit issues when trying to deposit lesser than the minimum deposit or beyond the maximum amount.  The minimum amount is INR100, whereas 2000 is the maximum for the new users. Once you start playing, this maximum deposit amount is automatically raised up to INR 50000. Please check the limit of your deposit amount or contact the adda52rummy customer support email

How can I withdraw winning money from the adda52rummy website?

There is a simple method of withdrawing all the money in the active account of the adda52rummy. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on My profile page.
  2. Hit on Redeem & agree to the terms and conditions
  3. There appear two options by cheque or Online. Choose one of them. For the online deposit, you need to provide the account number with the IFSC code. Mobile number verification is mandatory

Why am I unable to log in to

Make sure you are writing the correct email address and login credential to log in to the account. However, the login issues may be due to several reasons like connection failures, account ban, server error, or deactivated services. If you are not able to discover the valid reason, you can connect Adda52rummy customer support number or email.

What should I need to do when forgotten the login passwords of

If you have a registered email address or mobile number, you can easily reset the password. Click on forgot password option, enter your mobile number or email address. Use the link and set a new password.

Is secure?

Absolutely, all information on the website is safe and kept confidential with advanced encryption algorithms.  No worries about payment processing! It is a dynamic website with a super-secure payment gateway integrated into it. This gaming website is owned by Gaussian networks and having tied up with many payments gateways to process secure and smooth payments of their customers.

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Address: c/o Gaussian Networks 4TH Floor, 148 Jessoreroad
Block A, South Each Corner Kolkata-700074 West Bengal(India)

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