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Make Money on Amazon.Sell on Amazon
Are you Manufacturer or a trader,Want to capitalize or make more of your product/Inventory.If you are not present on Amazon you for sure are loosing a great opportunity of making some serious money of the online E commerce website.All you need in order to sell on Amazon is few things.

  1. Identify the product to sell: If you don’t have a product to sell no need to worry you can always buy from other sources and sell it on the website.Identification of product is the key in your success or failure.These are the things you should consider when you want to know “what sells best on Amazon”.
  • Velocity: Velocity and demand of the product this can be easily identified with some online tools available like Jungle scout and some other online tools.Higher the demand more chances you can make  it work.
  • Competition: Now when you see a product selling like any thing on Amazon doesn’t mean you will be able to penetrate the market as well because more popularity product there will be more competitors that kill not only your margins but also your sales.
  • Procurement: When you are decided on the product you want to sell you will have to identify the right source you want to buy your product from as price of your product as compared to your others make a lot of difference.
  • Drop Shipping: Fairly a new concept however this needs to be done carefully as in this you don’t even have to buy the actual product or take care of the inventory.
  • Warehousing : Amazon has Fulfillment by Amazon also known as FBA where in you can ship your product to Amazon warehouse and they will take care of the shipping though the cost can be on the higher side as compared to you managing it your own but that involves lot of hard work however with FBA you just have to manage on sales.
  1.      Register your account: You will have to first sign up with Amazon to start adding your product.You will have to go to the seller page.Select from “sell as professional” or “sell as individual”. Once you are all set with all the information provided you are good to go.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription?

Amazon now is not just a Ecommerce platform it has also entered in to on demand video where it is showcasing content which either the company is creating or getting best movies and series as original.They have given a still competition to nearest rival Netflix

Amazon has an advantage of a huge customer base and capitalizing on offering free services to its members. Amazon prime is not just video streaming but also gives free shipping and access to first right to buy when the sales happen.

Here are the steps to cancel Amazon Prime Subscription:

Step 1 you will go to Primevideo website.

Step 2 Go to account settings

Step 3 You will have to select membership status and press cancel and confirm. Customer Service

Quickly reach the Phone Number 1888-280-4331 – the company was founded in 1994. In this year Bezos left his employment as Vice President of D. E. Shaw & Co. and moved to Seattle. He began to work on a business plan for what would eventually become Jeff Bezos incorporated the company as “Cadabra” on July 5, 1994. Bezos changed the name to Amazon a year later after a lawyer misheard its original name. The company went online as in 1995.

Important Phone Number Amazon USA Shopping Site

Amazon USA Corporate Inquiry (206) 266-1000
Toll Free Customer service (888) 280-3321
Amazon Customer support number 1(888)280-4331
Other Amazon Customer Help 1866-216-1072
Alternate U.S.A. phone (206) 346-2992
Alternate United States phone (206) 266-2992
Europe Phone number 0800 496 1081
Alternate Europe number 0870 744 9979
US and Canada Amazon Associates Customer Service [Affiliate Program] 1-800-372-8066
International Amazon Associates Customer Service [Affiliate Program] 1-206-922-0880
Fax (302) 636-5454

Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest internet-based retailer in the United States. started as an online bookstore, later diversifying to sell DVDS, Blu-rays, CDs, video downloads/streaming MP3 downloads/streaming, audio book downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys and jewelry.

The company also produces consumer electronics—notably, Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire Phone and is the world’s largest provider of cloud infrastructure services. Amazon also sells certain low-end products like USB cables under its in-house brand Amazon Basics. Amazon has separate retail websites for United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico.

Amazon also offers international shipping to certain other countries for some of its products. It professed an intention to launch its websites in Poland and Sweden.

If you have a question about an order, or an issue with service, contacting Amazon might be the best thing you can do.

• Phone Helpline: If you prefer to talk to an expert representative calling to the toll free 1866-216-1072 phone number.
• Email Helpline: If sending an email, click on the “send us an email” button. Navigate to the email page and type in your inquiry.
• Live Chat: If wishing to live-chat with a service representative, click on the “start chatting” button. Make sure you have pop-ups enabled.

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