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BookingBuddy Flights Booking Reservation Phone Number

Why do we need customer support including issues and problems in Booking Buddy?

Booking Buddy is a great resource for travelers. It is an online platform that connects travelers with locals who can help book hotels, flights, and other travel arrangements. It also offers a wealth of information about various destinations and the best ways to enjoy them, as well as tips on saving money on travel. Finally, Booking Buddy offers a community aspect, where travelers can ask questions and share advice with one another. It’s also very easy to use and can help you with everything from finding a hotel to getting tickets booked. Here are some of the benefits of using the Booking Buddy support phone number:

1) It’s available 24/7 and can help you with whatever question or problem comes up while traveling.
2) The support phone number is very easy to use and provides assistance in almost any language.
3) It’s affordable and can save you money on your travel expenses.
4) The support phone number is reliable and has helped many travelers get through their travels without any problems.

Contact Bookingbuddy and forget about travel hassle
Bookingbuddy part of a well known travel website Tripadvisor with years of experience in the industry with millions of customer under the group can cater to the need of a travel or in other words memories for life.The brand focuses mainly on flight booking it seems however you can also call the one stop shop for all travel requirement you may have.They are really good in group travel as when you are traveling with family and friends you need peace of mind and everything should be in absolute order when you are traveling with Kids. Call Call 📞 +1-855-797-0004 BookingBuddy Toll Free to book flights ticket friends and family .

Buy Cheap flights and get book hotels at rock bottom price at The fastest way to search what suits your interest while travelling from your favorite travel sites. It is a free service and it is one travel website which gives you more options then you can imagine and saves you lot of time from booking all flights,hotels and cars at one place.

BookingBuddy Flights Booking

Since BookingBuddy is a search engine for flight booking, you get multiple booking options. With more freedom, you can compare prices among different airlines and book the most affordable one.

To book a flight with BookingBuddy, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Website of BookingBuddy.
  2. Select between Round Trip and One-Way.
  3. Mark the option for Non-stop if desired.
  4. Enter the From
  5. Enter the To
  6. Enter the Depart date. If you selected Round Trip, then enter the Return date.
  7. Enter the number of travellers.
  8. Select the Class from among:
    1. Business
    2. Economy/Coach
    3. First Class
  9. Enter your email address if you wish to receive information about any price drop.
  10. Click on Search.
  11. Select the Deals which you wish to compare. You’ll get all the differences between the different providers listed immediately. Also, you can view the prices for different flights on different dates.
  12. Mark checkboxes to further filter out flights.
  13. Click on Add Hotel if you wish to book a hotel room. Otherwise, select No Thanks.
  14. Select the Class for the flight booking.
  15. Select Continue Booking.
  16. Enter the required details for the Passenger/Passengers.
  17. Click on Choose Seats to select a particular seat on the flight. Extra costs may apply for some carriers.
  18. Enter the Payment Details.
  19. Click on Complete Booking. Authenticate the payment.

You’ve successfully booked a flight with BookingBuddy. You will shortly receive an email with information about the booking and tickets. Once the flight is booked, you can cancel it within 24 hours to get a complete refund. Refund of the amount after 24 hours will be subject to the terms and conditions of the airline with which the flight was booked.

Online And Offline Service Booking Buddy?

An online service booking buddy is a great way to organize your travel arrangements. This type of service can help you save time and money by taking care of all the logistics for you. You can use an online booking buddy to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Plus, these services are available everywhere so you can use them no matter where you are. Many online service booking buddies offer additional benefits such as discounts and travel tips.

Offline Service Booking Buddy is a service that helps you make reservations for restaurants and hotels offline. The app lets you search for restaurants and hotels in your area, and it provides information about the restaurant or hotel, such as ratings and menu items. You can book a reservation through the app or through the website.

How to Cancel From Booking Buddy?

If you have made a booking through booking buddy and need to cancel, there are steps you can take.

First, visit the booking page on booking buddy and click on the “Cancel Booking” link in the bottom right corner. This will take you to a confirmation page where you can confirm your cancellation. Once your cancellation is confirmed, the reservation will be canceled and any funds that were sent to the host will be returned to you.

The easiest way is to email customer service directly at You can also call customer service at (855)797-0004) or (617)886-5555 Finally, you can cancel your reservation online through booking buddy’s website.

To cancel a booking with BookingBuddy, you can simply log in to your account and click on cancel flight. If the flight is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, then you’ll receive a full refund. Otherwise, you’ll get partial refund. The percentage of the amount refunded will depend on the airlines with which you booked the ticket.

Note: You must cancel the flight before it has departed. If you fail to show up for the flight or are late for the flight, then you won’t get any refund from the airline. Support Phone Number Call 📞 +1-855-797-0004

How To Get Refund From Booking Buddy?

Here are some steps to follow if you want to get a refund:
1. Log in to your Booking Buddy account.
2. Click on the “My Reservations” link on the left side of the screen.
3. Click on the reservation you want to request a refund for.
4. On the “Reservation Details” page, click on the “Refund” link under “Details.”
5. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the refund process.

How To Write A Complaint, Against Booking Buddy?

When you’re looking for a way to get your frustrations out, you might want to consider writing a complaint against a booking buddy. Complaint service is designed to help travelers get refunds for trips that didn’t meet their expectations. They offer various services, including helping to negotiate with airlines and hotels, and providing support through the entire refund process. Since booking buddy is such a popular choice for travelers, it’s important to know what to expect when filing a complaint. Here are some tips on how to write the perfect complaint letter:

1. Start by explaining why you’re filing the complaint. This will help booking buddy understand why your trip didn’t meet your expectations.

2. Explain what went wrong on your trip. This will help booking buddy determine if there was anything they could have done to prevent the issue.

3. Include specific dates and details about your trip. This will help booking buddy track down any relevant information they need to resolve your complaint quickly.

4. Request an apology from the company involved in your trip. This will show that you’re serious about getting a satisfactory resolution to your issue.

5. Ask for compensation if necessary (this will vary on the issue).

6. Follow up on your complaint by phone and/or email to ensure that your issue is handled correctly.

7. If you need assistance in filing a claim, you should consult an attorney who specializes in travel law.

How To Contact Booking Buddy?

To chat with someone in real time, you can reach out to our customer support team. Our team is available 24/7 and is more than happy to help with whatever you need! You can find our contact information below

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Phone Number: (855)797-0004) / (617)886-5555


A phone call or message might get you a quicker response.

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About Booking Buddy Company Foundation, Head Office

The Foundation provides grants and scholarships to students who are interested in pursuing careers in travel and tourism. It also offers resources for travelers, such as a database of verified hotel deals, flights, and Cars as information about safety and security while traveling.

Jordan Staab is the CEO of SmarterTravel, an industry leader in online travel with a travel media portfolio including Airfarewatchdog, BookingBuddy, Family Vacation Critic, Oyster, SmarterTravel, and WhatToPack.

Booking Buddy is a website that makes your travel search simple. Simply insert your dates and locations and we’ll take care of the rest. From flights to hotels to car rentals, we’ll provide you with the best options the Internet has to offer. Whether your travel is for business or pleasure, Booking Buddy is the only stop you need to make to plan your perfect trip.

BookingBuddy is a complete end to end travel booking website through which you can book your flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages. Instead of searching for flights on the websites of individual airlines, you can rely on BookingBuddy, which also enables you to compare the prices and features available for a flight. With better information, you will be able to book a flight at a more affordable rate.

Over the years, BookingBuddy has expanded and become a cherished vacation booking engine. It is frequently used by both leisure and business travellers alike. The level of comparison this engine provides helps customers in making better decisions when it comes to travelling. Another important thing about this booking engine is that it enables you to compare the plans for other services as well. Excellent customer support is another reason for users such as you to book your travel from BookingBuddy.

BookingBuddy Other Travel Booking Services

But flight booking isn’t the only thing that BookingBuddy excels at. The company also provides booking for hotel rooms, rental cars, and cruises.

  1. Flights at the rates no body can beat: BookingBuddy being the part of Tripadvisor have negotiated best prices from the airlines. They have tied up with all the major airlines in the USA and world wide. All major airlines including United Airlines,Delta and American Airlines get a lot of customers and booking through Bookingbuddy.
  2. Best hotels inventory available at best locations:As the name suggest bookingbuddy is your travel friend and will always think of proving the best fares and locations of the hotel and you don’t have to think about spending more money.
  3. Cruise to all exotic locations: Bookingbuddy can also help you with Cruise booking all the major website are synced in to one it seems.

Rental cars, Hotels, and Cruises

A rental car can be booked for picking you up from home and dropping you to the airport. Further, you can book a rental car to pick you up from the destination airport. There are multiple choices available for booking rental cars. Further, you can also book hotel rooms if you haven’t already found an accomodation.

Users are provided with multiple options for booking both rental cars and hotel rooms. You can further compare the price and features offered by different brands. If you wish to enjoy a cruise, then you can also book that too through BookingBuddy.

Vacation Packages

BookingBuddy also provides complete vacation packages, which include round-trip flight tickets, hotel rooms, cruises, etc. Just like the booking for flights and rental cars, the booking for vacation packages will have multiple options. Select at least 4 options to find the best price. Vacation packages are a great way to reduce your cost of taking a round trip. Further, you get hotel rooms, rental cars, and cruises at a discounted rate.

For vacation packages, the search engine goes through the offerings provided by various partner sites. Once BookingBuddy has ascertained the best travel packages according to the dates you mentioned, it will list all of those packages. As a user, you can select multiple packages and click on compare. A complete table with differences among the multiple packages will be displayed. Now, you can choose one of the packages and book your affordable vacation package.

FAQs : Booking Buddy Manage Subscription, Issue, Payments, Reservation

Steps To Resolve An Issue With Booking Buddy ?

If you have a problem with Booking Buddy, there are some steps you can take to resolve the issue. First, check to see if your issue is specific to Booking Buddy or if it’s a general problem with booking travel. If it’s a general problem, try the following steps:

  1. 1. Refresh the page and try again. This may help fix any intermittent issues that may be causing the problem.
  2. 2. Try different browsers or platforms. Sometimes problems can only be resolved by using different browsers or platforms.
  3. 3. Contact customer service. If you’re unable to solve the issue yourself, contacting customer service maybe your best option. They can help you troubleshoot the issue and provide some solutions.

How To Delete The Account In Booking Buddy ?

If you no longer want to use Booking Buddy, you can delete your account by following these steps:

  1. 1. Log in to your account at
  2. 2. Click on the “My Account” tab at the top of the page.
  3. 3. Under “Account Details,” click on the “Delete My Account” link.
  4. 4. Enter your password in the “Password” field and click on the “Delete My Account” button.

How Can I Use Bookingbuddy ?

The website is easy to use and can be used by anyone who has internet access. Visitors can search for availability and make reservations online or through the app.

Do You Have Any Special Needs That May Apply To My Upcoming Reservation ?

Yes, we have a few special needs that may apply to your upcoming reservation. If you would like us to accommodate any of these needs, please let us know as soon as possible. Some common needs we can take into consideration are wheelchair accessibility, dietary restrictions, and infant care.

How to Manage Subscriptions in ?

When booking with, you have the option to subscribe to our email newsletter and receive updates on new listings and deals before anyone else. This way, you’ll always be in the know about the best deals and deals available. To subscribe, just click on the “Subscribe Now” link at the top of any page on We will send you an email notification each time a new deal or listing is added to our site.

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