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CoopHomeGoods have wide range or products for bedroom and living room . Some special products are The Cool Side Pillowcase, Solstice Sheet Set, Flip Mattress Topper, Mattress Protector, Pillow Protector, Silk Pillowcase, Silk Eye Mask, Incontinence Pad, Lumbar Cushion, Seat Cushion, Refrigerator Deodorizer, Natural Charcoal Deodorizer, Original Pillow & Protector Bundle, Eden Pillow & Protector Bundle, Camping Bundle, Original Pillow (2 Pack) Bundle, Eden Pillow (2 Pack) Bundle, Silk Sleep Set, Beauty Sleep Bundle, Super Cool Bundle, Work From Home Bundle. If you have any CoopHomeGoods complaints or issue or you want to gives feed back of products you can either dial CoopHomeGoods Customer Service Phone Number πŸ“ž +1888-316-1886 or you can write Email CoopHomeGoods To , moreover for warranty and Order Status CoopHomeGoods Live Chat is available 24Γ—7.

About Coop Home Goods

Coop Home Goods is an online store that specializes in bedding and pillows. It provides pillows, sheet sets, pillowcases, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, and sleep masks.

Coop Home Goods also offers some items that fall outside the pillow and bedding category, such as home deodorizers and seat cushions.

Its Premium Adjustable Loft pillow is made of shredded memory foam and comes with a bag of extra foam and directions for adjusting the filling to suit your sleep style.

Products List

Coop Pillow – The Original :Original, Premium, and adjustable Pillow.
Size – Queen: 20” x 30” King: 20” x 36”
Coop Eden Pillow :Come with gel infused fill. It is best for your neck and spine.
Size – Standard: 20β€³ x 26β€³ Queen: 20” x 30” King: 20” x 36”
Coop Body Pillow :It’s the cuddler, i.e. the pregnancy pillow.
Size – 20β€³ x 54β€³
Coop Travel Pillow : It’s small and portable. You can use this while travelling and camping.
Size – 19β€³ x 14β€³
Coop Toddler Pillow :This one is the best for your little one, i.e the toddler in your house.
Size – 19” x 14”

Coop Four Position Support Pillow : This one is designed to give your back and hips a break, and it is a solid memory foam pillow that provides a firm and comfortable support.
Size – 21β€³ x 8β€³
Coop Knee Pillow :It offers a removable foam insert that provides thickness and density control, making it perfect for sleepers of all shapes and sizes.
Size – 12.6” x 7”

How To Buy Coop Home Goods Pillow, Bedding

Coop Home Goods Products are available at:

You can get their products from their website well as from, , Some other online shopping websites , you can buy Coop Home Goods bedroom products , and

Return Policy CoopHomeGoods Memory Foam Pillow

Certain services or products might be available solely online through the website. According to their Return Policy, a few services or products might have limited quantities and are subject to return or exchange only.

They do not warrant that the quality of any services, products, information, or other material purchased or taken by you will meet your expectations.

Warranty Registration/Claim CoopHomeGoods

They offer a 5-year limited warranty for all their pillows. You can call πŸ“ž 888.316.1886 or email at and provide us with your order number to make a warranty claim.

Warranties only apply to products that are bought directly from Coop Home Goods or its authorized sellers.Their warranty covers material damage to the pillows incurred under correct use or manufacturer defect. CoopHomeGoods is not responsible for claims that exceed the cost of the product.
They are also not liable for any incidental or consequential damage from the use of their products.

The warranty does not apply in situations of misuse or abuse of the products. Improper installation or negligence to follow the instructions mentioned will void the warranty. Warranty claims out of the 50 states are accountable for shipping and any applicable duties and taxes.

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It’s easy to fill the shredded foam in Sleepsia pillows, whereas in the other pillows, it becomes quite messy to remove the shredded fill.

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