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Fort Knox Security service offers home security and business alarm monitoring for the last 20 years. Fort Knox provides services in cities in and around Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin.  The company has been rated as A+; the highest by the Better Business Bureau. 


They deal in new installations of security systems, alarms, alarm monitoring services and installs wireless smart home automation systems!


They also offer Interactive services that can take over home alarm monitoring of almost any existing security system. Their service can connect to the home system and monitor it remotely to give instant notification through text or email. They can arm or disarm the security system remotely and users can also check the historical data and the programmed list.


Fort Knox is one of the best Texas alarm monitoring that provides a range of alarm security solutions at lower cost and also allows its customers to keep their existing alarm system by reprogramming and optimizing these existing systems along with backing it up.




They do not charge activation fee as well for hooking to interactive security.    




Fort Knox security service operates in Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. 




Here’s a list of services offered by Fort Knox Security:




·         New installation of monitored alarm system (No installation, no activation)


·         Alarm Monitoring Take over


·         Reprogramming and optimizing the existing security system


·         Sensors, keychain remotes, cellular monitoring that doesn’t depend on landline remote access


·         UL-Certified alarm monitoring Ul is an experts assessment of alarm companies for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect, and monitor alarm systems and provide runner service.


·         Police and Medical monitoring with fast 13 seconds response time


·         Fire, smoke & CO2 monitoring


·         2-way voice communication with the monitoring station


·         Features offered by Fort Knox Security


·         Control from anywhere via internet to phones, computer, tablet


·         Home automation and smart rule strategy


·         Geofencing to activate/deactivate system when you travel away or within a range


·         Energy management to help control home systems by analyzing daily routine and weather


·         Programmed user access


·         Custom notifications and alerts can send video clips of members in the house


·         1080p cameras with night vision


·         NVR (Network Video Recorder) cloud storage






Affordable Wireless Alarm Monitoring from Fort Knox Security for just $15.95/mo


•    Free check-up of the existing system


•    Free minor repair of up to 2 devices


•    FREE Reprogram of Existing System


•    FREE Activation of Interactive services


•    FREE backup battery replacement


•    Approved Monitoring 24 /7 /365










For questions and queries about Fort Knox Security solutions please contact on their phone number is 855 385 6691 / (844) 231-4056    


Contact Fort Knox Security at their Head office number below:


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(214) 845-6881




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Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Southern US


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