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Playing cards online is one of the famous time pass and money-making activities. Traditionally these card games people play in festivals like Diwali, but now with modernization and digitization, several online portals rolled out. These online rummy gaming portals provide different games and offer coupons and tournaments to win real money while playing. GullyRummy is one of the popular online gaming platforms to experience the excitement of winning classical rummy online. The GullyRummy website is made up of high-quality functionality and payment gateways with full authenticity. There is customer support available any time to clear doubt while accessing games. The write-up will discuss the GullyRummy downloads, withdrawal money, and every mandatory thing you need to know before downloading GullyRummy.


How to Reach GullyRummy Helpdesk number?

In online portals, a reaching customer support team in time becomes a challenge nowadays. There before installing the rummy app, you need to explore the creditability and customer support availability. In turn, it helps you tackle the severe or general errors while accessing the GullyRummy application. The errors seen in gaming apps are refund-related questions, unable to withdraw money from GullyRummy wallet, server issues, request refunds, account ban, network connectivity problems, server down, or more. GullyRummy allows you to connect with the GullyRummy customer support team anytime, all around the clock, to provide you resolution and advice.

About GullyRummy:

GullyRummy is a top-rated online rummy portal founded by ArvindBalakrishna and ArchitNaraya in 2017. It’s gaining popularity for fun -gaming experience, several rummy games, exciting prices, cash-out winning instantly, daily tournaments, amazing rewards, fair play, and more. So download each day, winning exciting prizes.

Gullyrummy is the safest online portal with secure payment gateways. So newbies who are passionate about Rummy games can easily earn more money; there is a wide range of tournaments at regular intervals. There are even referral systems, bonus chips, and many other methods to raise more points and real money. Users are only required to use their strategic thinking to win the game; there are simple rules and tips to earn big bucks during play. Understanding the game might become difficult so call the customer support number to take advice and learning rules in simpler language.

How to download GullyRummy on the device?

Downloading GullyRummy APK is very easy! You need to open the GullyRummy official website and click on the Download App that appears on the left corner of the home page. Click on it; it will start downloading the GullyRummy.apk.

GullyRummy Download in IOS and Android:

You need to perform three steps to get the app on the smart device. Here are directions to follow:

  • Open play store
  • Write GullyRummy into the search box
  • Tab on the search button
  • Tab download option

Ios users:

  • Open the iPhone
  • Open the AppleStore
  • Write GullyRummy and tab Get button

How to play rummy games with the GullyRummy app in Windows 8, Windows 10?

  • You need to download the Bluestack application to access android applications.
  • The next step is to download the apk from the home page of the official website.
  • Open the apk
  • It will prompt a window asking to open with Bluestackapk handler
  • Click on Ok
  • Now start the installation process by following online instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Once it completes now, you can play rummy games on the GullyRummy app on your PC

What is the validation process in RullyRummy?

Each user needs to complete the validation process to withdraw money. It might take 24-48 hours to complete the KYC verification in the RullyRummy. So make sure you are providing correct PAN, Banking details, address proof copy, etc.

Can I deposit money in RullyRummy without playing games?

No, you are not permitted to perform deposits and withdrawals without playing games.

Why is my KYC not approved?

Make sure you are providing correct documents; age should be above 18 years. The KYC process also interrupts when you have not played games yet. To explore more, you can write to

Why am I unable to withdraw my cash from Gullyrummy’s account?

Users are permitted to withdraw the amount from their accounts after the approval of KYC verification.

What is the process of withdrawal in the Gullyrummy account?

You can withdraw from your account to your wallet/bank account after KYC verification. Here are the mandatory documents:

  • User details

Are there any TDS at RullyRummy?

According to Tax deduction at source rules for the Indian users winning amount, 31.2% TDS should be deducted if the winning amount is beyond Rs 10000 in a single game.

Is playing rummy in GullyRummy is legal?

The Rummy game comes in the list of games of skill instead of a game of chance. Therefore it is legal to play rummy. In this, the winner is totally determined through the skills. The Supreme Court legally declares it as Game of skill.

What should I do if I forget my GullyRummy password?

You can easily recover the password through the registered phone number or email address. The link is sent to you to reset the password. So open the login page and click on Forget password to get the reset link.

What are the system requirements for the GullyRummy application?

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10, Android, Ios, and MacOS
  • Mozilla Firefox/GoogleChrome/Safari/Opera(Advanced version)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Make sure you have disabled script blockers in the browser

What transactions mode doesGullyRummy supports?

You can deposit and withdrawal money with wallets or Net-banking like a Credit card, Debit card, UPI or Paytm.

What are the benefits of playing rummy in GullyRummy App?

  • Secure
  • Instant cash out
  • Customer support
  • Quantum random number generator algorithm used for fair games
  • Tons of award and cash rewards

Is transaction is safe in the GullyRummy app?

Absolutely! You do not need to worry about security. The GullyRummy platform is 100 % secure; it is verified containing several encryption layers.

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