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Home Lines was founded in 1946 and were an Italian passengers company of shipping. Its headquarters was in Genoa, Italy and it operated Cruise ship and Ocean Liners. It is an international company which ships registered in Panama. The services were served to passengers between the Genoa to South America and then To North America also.

Home Lines Cruises Ships

Vessel Built Years in Service
Argentina 1913 ex- Bergensfjord, 1946 purchased from Norwegian American Line renamed Argentina, 1953 sold to Zim Israel Lines, Haifa renamed Jerusalem.
Atlantic (1) 1927 ex- Malolo, ex- Matsonia, 1948 purchased from Matson Line renamed Atlantic, 1954 renamed Queen Frederica (Vasilissa Freiderika), 1965 sold to Chandris Line, Piraeus.
Atlantic (2) 1982 1988 sold to Premier Cruise Line, Panama renamed Starship Atlantic.
Brasil 1905 ex- Drottningholm, 1946 purchased from Swedish American Line renamed Brasil, 1951 rebuilt to 10,043 tons, renamed Homeland, 1955 scrapped.
Doric 1964 ex- Shalom, ex- Hanseatic, 1973 purchased from German Atlantic Line (Deutsche Atlantik Line), Hamburg renamed Doric, 1981 sold to Lido Maritime Inc, renamed Royal Odyssey.
Homeric (1) 1931 ex- Mariposa, 1953 purchased from Matson Line, 1954 renamed Homeric, 1973 badly damaged by fire off Cape May and 1974 scrapped.
Homeric (2) 1986 1988 sold to Holland America Line renamed Wester dam.
Italia 1928 ex- John Ericsson, 1948 purchased from Swedish American Line renamed Italia, 1964 sold to Freeport Bahama Enterprises renamed Imperial Bahama and converted to a floating hotel.
Oceanic 1965 1985 sold to Premier Cruise Line, Panama renamed Starship Oceanic.
Protea 1920 ex- City of Athens, 1947 purchased from Soc. Naviera Transatlantica, Puero Cortes, Honduras renamed Protea, 1951 sold to Incres Line, 1952 renamed Arosa Kulm.

In 1949 the company was transferred to the New York City Service. Now it also served Genoa & Germany to New York and Southampton to Canada. At this time, the company was under the Hamburg American Line.

The company was again purchased by Holland America Line and merged the operation with then. After that, this company was seized in the same year 1988.

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Located in: Genoa and Italy

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