Hunnu Air Flight Ticket Last Minute Number – Call 1-845-422-9801

Hunnu Air Ticket Booking Number


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


47.9184676, 106.9177016


Hunnu Air Ticket Booking Number – Call 1845-422-9801

Hunnu Air is a Mongolian local aircraft that started booking flights in 2011. The organization changed its name from Mongolian Airlines Group in April 2013 to keep away from perplexity with the correspondingly named Mongolian global banner carrier MIAT Mongolian Airlines. The carrier was propelled as Mongolian Airlines on 2 December 2011 ,and its armada of Antonov A 2 single-motor biplane air ship. Disarray soon emerged over the name and its similitude to that of MIAT Mongolian Airlines and in April 2013, debilitated with a lawful debate and conceivable government mediation, the name was changed to Hunnu Air. If any passengers want to make some inquiry regarding the flight, they can call on the toll free number 1845-422-9801 of the customer care of Hunnu Air . They can also write an email to the online email support or chat with the online chat support. For more basic information regarding the Hunnu Air.

Services offered by Hunnu Air

  • Hunnu Air offers discounts for 25% foreign currency and emergency expenses.We also give 50%-90% discounts for loving and child’s children..
  • Pregnant ladies ought to be counseled before their excursion. From the 28th week until the 36th seven day stretch of the ordinary opening, the lady can visit the Xiongnu Air Company by finishing an approval shape as an observing doctor.
  • Give the help to the baby and tyke amid the flying. Fokker F50 offers 10 child safety belts and ATR 72 give 14 infant safety belt.
  • Hunnu Air provide stretcher passenger seats must be ordered at least 3 days before the flight. Hunnu Air’s passenger permitted to transport 45 kg of luggage for stretcher who purchase tickets with this tariff.

Hunnu Flight Reservation Number

Hunnu Air has a customer support team which helps individuals in any kind of concerns. You can call toll free number 1845-422-9801 to get assisted.

Hunnu Air – Domestic Flight Booking Contact

  • Customer Support Number – 1845-422-9801 (Toll-free)
  • Business Hours – 24 hours, open daily

Hunnu Air also offers online chat support to reduce customer queries.

Online Email Support

You can write to us at and get assisted with your concern.

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