Iran Aseman Flights Tickets Booking Number – Call 1845-422-9801

Iran Aseman Air Ticket Booking Number


Tehran, Iran


35.6892523, 51.3896004


Iran Aseman Air Ticket Booking Number – Call 1-845422-9801

Iran Aseman Airlines also known as Aseman, is a carrier headquartered in Tehran, Iran. It schedules booked household traveler administrations and territorial worldwide administrations. Aseman is Iran’s third-biggest aircraft by dynamic fleet measure. The carrier was set up and began operations in 1980. The aircraft’s noteworthy joins backpedal to 1958 to the aircraft Air Taxi Co., which was re-branded as Pars Air in the 1970s and later Iran Aseman Airlines. In March 2007, it was possessed by Iranian Civil Pension Fund Investment Company and had 298 workers. It has since been privatized. In July 2016, the CEO of the aircraft was issued an arrest warrant because of an asserted whole of roughly $37 million out in the open obligations to Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company. In the event that any travelers need to make some request with respect to the flight, they can approach the toll free number 1-845422-9801 of the client care of Iran Aseman Airlines. They can likewise compose email to the online email support or visit with the online talk bolster. For more essential data in regards to the Iran Aseman Airlines.

  • Headquarters – Mehrabad International Airport, Tehran, Iran
  • Destinations – 47
  • Fleet Size – 37
  • Hubs – Tehran-Mehrabad,Mashhad Airport
  • Website –
  • Helpline Number1-845422-9801

Iran Aseman Flight Reservation Number

  • Iran Aseman Airlines works from their base in Tehran the capital city of Iran both planned and contract flights to residential and worldwide goals.
  • In April of 2017 Iran Aseman marked an arrangement with Boeing to buy 60 Boeing 737 MAX, be that as it may they won’t begin getting the airplane until 2022. So the aircraft can extend quicker they are as of now renting 7 Airbus A320neos to adapt to the development of carrier in Iran.

Iran Aseman Flights Tickets Booking Number

Iran Aseman Airlines has a customer support team which helps individuals in any kind of concerns. You can call toll free number 1-845422-9801 to get assisted.

Iran Aseman Airlines – Plane Ticket Booking Telephone Number

  • Customer Support Number – 1-845422-9801 (Toll-free)
  • Business Hours – 24 hours, open daily

Iran Aseman Airlines also offers online chat support to reduce customer queries.

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