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LifeShield making business and house living more secure and fun with LifeShield DIY home security system , with a number of security equipment including Smart Cameras ,Security Sensors like Door & Window Sensors ,Indoor & Outdoor Smart Camera ,Motion Sensors,Fire Safety Sensor , Flood & Temperature Sensors,Glassbreak Sensors,Video Doorbell,Keychain Or Keypad Remote,Security Touchpad ,Repeater. You can dial LifeShield Home Security Toll Free Number 📞+1844.272.1110 and protect your Home as well your business spaces . Also now LifeShield is part of ADT Security System .

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Call 📞 +1844.272.1110 : LifeShield Installation , New Connection , Purchase Add on , New Customer , Product Information , Customize Solutions
Call 📞 1-877-632-7657 : LifeShield Billing ,Setup, Error Resolutions , Refund , Moving and Other Customer Related Issue and Problem For Existing Customer Only

LifeShield Home Security System Features

LifeShield  home security system ✓ Provider of Home Security Systems Since 2004
✓ Direct-To-Consumer Sales
✓ Customer Satisfaction Rating of Over 95%
✓ Plans as low as $7 a Week
✓ Unique, Patented Technology

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Where To Buy New LifeShield Security System

LifeShield Security sets itself apart by offering technology that is proprietary in nature. Most home security companies peddle other, larger companies’ wares. TheLifeShield founder, Louis Stilp, invented the wireless security systems offered by his company. He built upon the knowledge and expertise he gained when, with a previous company, he helped pioneer technology used by E911 for cellular phone location. Apart from Mr. Stilp’s technical know-how, LifeShield offers the customer options. Install the system yourself or have a professional take care of it for you. Connect to the monitoring center by way of a landline, WiFi, or cellular technologies or all three. Also you can try Home Security Phone Number for more option . Options make the customer feel they’re needs are being looked after and LifeShield conducts business with just that idea in mind.
Core Features:
LifeShield Siren Detector – This device will save you money. Instead of having to replace fire and smoke alarms you already have in your home, the Siren Detector “hears” your old equipment and notifies the control panel. It’s a lot cheaper than replacing your existing equipment.
DECT – This acronym stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. DECT is used in cordless phones, it is how the receiver communicates to the base unit. LifeShield uses DECT to connect all the components of their home security systems. The reasons they use DECT, as opposed to technologies used by other companies, are as follows:
✅ DECT uses less energy to create and maintain its wireless network than do other technologies.
✅ It is less likely that other wireless signals will interfere with DECT’s ability to communicate.
✅ DECT is harder to hack than other, similar technologies.
Note: : Basic packages include one internet-ready base, one control panel, 3 sensors that can be placed to monitor doors and windows, one keychain fob, one motion sensor (pet-sensitive) and one fire detector.

LifeShield Security Advantages

LifeView Mobile Access – LifeShield offered mobile access to their security systems before most of the competition. It allows you to monitor your system using your computer or smartphone. You can playback video or stream it live. It even allows you to research crime rates around where you live and will give you instant updates if crimes are being committed within a certain radius of your home.
Grid Extender – This device is added to the system to increase your system’s wireless network, thereby, making it more effective over greater distances. It is ideal for customers with larger homes. The device is sleek, compact and easily hidden from view.

Cost , Price Of LifeShield Packages

Silver – $34.98 a month. Requires 39 month monitoring agreement.
Gold – $29.98 a month. Requires 63 month monitoring agreement.
Platinum – $39.97 a month. Requires 39 month monitoring agreement.
Note: Service included, works only with purchase of HomeView wireless camera. LifeShield offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Final Thoughts About LifeShield Security

You should definitely consider LifeShield Security when making the choice of home security providers. In some ways they exemplify the American Dream. The company’s founder observed a market, saw how he could make it better and then invented the equipment that enabled him to make it better. Their systems are affordable and easy to install while still using cutting edge technology.

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