Neos Flight Reservation Number – Call 1-845-422-9801

Neos Air Ticket Booking Number +1-845-422-9801


Neos SpA Via Della Chiesa, 68 21019 Somma Lombardo Varese – ITALY


Neos Air Ticket Booking Number– Call 1 845-422-9801

Neos is an Italian leisure airline with its central command in Somma Lombardo and primary base at Milan-Malpensa Airport. Neos was set up in June 2001 as a joint venture between two tourism companies, the Italian Alpitour S.p.A. Neos was launched on 8 March 2002. In January 2004 be that as it may, TUI sold its whole offers to Alpitour. Until at that point, Neos was part of TUI Airlines. From that point forward, it is never again associated with the TUI Group. During flying traveler needs to reach the customer support of the Neos by simply dialing the toll free number 1 845-422-9801. The insights about the Neos are given underneath:

  • Headquarters – Neos SpA Via Della Chiesa, 68 21019 Somma Lombardo Varese – ITALY
  • Destinations – 73
  • Fleet Size – 9
  • Website –
  • Helpline Number -800 325955 For Italy People
  • Customer Service Number – +39 0331 232833 For Outside Italy People

Services Offered by Neos (airline)

  • On the off chance that traveler are conveying a weight over the remittance limit,they will be additional charge for this.Amount will be vary according to traveler’s goals.
  • In Economy Premium, the on-load up stimulation ends up noticeably customized with the capacity to utilize a free Ipad with a menu of access to numerous media content as it is conceivable to appreciate seeing a choice of motion pictures, or perusing a few magazines, tuning in to music arrangements or then again engage yourself with recreations
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Neos Flight Reservation Number<

Neos (airline) has a customer support team which helps individuals in any kind of concerns. You can call toll free number 800 325955 to get assisted.

Neos Airlines – Online Airline Tickets Booking Number

  • Customer Support Number – 800 325955 (Toll-free)
  • Business Hours – 24 hours, open daily

Neos (airline) also offers online chat support to reduce customer queries.

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Located in: Italy and United States

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