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7665 Corporate Center Dr. Miami, FL 33126


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Oceania Cruises Phone Number

Call Oceania Cruises Booking Phone Number+1(646)362-13-89 or Toll Free USA 305-514-2300. Toll-free: 855-OCEANIA (855-623-2642)
Hong Kong: +852 2165 6010
China (Mandarin speaking): 400 842 8362
Taiwan: +886 2-77031292
India: +91 22-71279118
Singapore: +65 31 651 677
Malaysia: +60 3-30992292
Rest of Asia: +852 2165 6010

About Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises was founded in 2002 by a group of veterans i.e. Bob Binder, Robin Lindsay, James Rodriguez, Jeff Drew and Howard Sherman. Oceania Cruise is sixth premium cruise ships on worldwide itineraries. Oceania Cruises, with its headquarter in Miami, Florida, is known as one of the premium cruise line in the world. It offers as short as 10 days voyage. So, you can book even a 10 days trip. Currently, it operates six premium cruise ships with a world-class itinerary. The longest trip that it had ever resumed lasted up to 195 days. The CEO and Cruise line president Bob Binder is also the co-founder of the brand.

Since September 2014, Oceania Cruise became a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Line. This particular company also holds two other cruise line company – Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Oceania Cruises Ships & Fleet

Ships Details

  • Insignia
  • Marina
  • Nautica
  • Regatta
  • Riviera
  • Sirena

Now, let’s take a look at the fleet, the fleet size and the class every fleet contains:

Class Ships
Regatta class MS Regatta, MSNautica, MS Insignia, MS Sirena
Oceania class MS Marina, MS Riviera,
Allura class The first cruise line of the same class is expected to be commissioned in the year 2022

Every voyage is a story in itself. Reignite the passion of travelling and rewrite your adventurous story on your own. Experience impeccable existence on the faraway place and the places that you have always dreamed of in your life. Create a new view to see the world and lift the wow factor with your presence to the corners of the world.

On-board culinary and cuisines are available with best-in-class services. They have a great variety of cuisines through their restaurants and outlets. They serve you traditional as well as cultural cuisines.

There are many reasons but their passion for cruising is one of the main reasons. Find one genuine reason and book your next voyage with Oceania Cruise.

Oceanic cruise is one which gives you value for money and it has been in the market forever and has served millions of clients.If you are looking for some better option you may also like to call Norwegian cruise line phone number .

Oceanic cruise Contact Details

USA Address : 7665 Corporate Center Dr, Miami, FL 33126, USA
Mailing Address: :Oceania Cruises Suite 2207,22/F Berkshire House 25 Westlands Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
USA Phone Number Toll Free : 855-OCEANIA (855-623-2642)
Passenger Services : 1-855-623-2642

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