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Vedard Security Alarms Phone Number

Vedard is China’s leading suppliers of professional Security Systems for residential, commercial and industrial security equipment. Vedard is a physical security integrator that specializes in fire alarm and intruder alarm systems. Their security categories are alarm communicators like intruder alarm, perimeter security systems and sensors, alarm sounders and long-range alarm repeater etc.
Vedard specializes in integrated security systems, Alarm installation guidance, and technical support. Vedard provides specializes in Hotel & School security Solution, Community Alarm Solution, Bank Surveillance Solution.
Vedard Home DIY Security kit
Their home security systems incorporates burglar fire alarm, control panel, smoke detector, motion sensor, PIR (Passive Infrared red)motion detectors that sends an SMS or raises an alarm on motion detection, remote security monitor equipment and security sensors, long range industrial 999zones alarm receiver center, alarm repeater, duress alarm etc. Vedard’s home system is DIY based.
They also deal in new technology security equipment such as solar powered wireless beam system for exteriors, Video Alarm System, Surveillance IP security cameras and alarms which are allocated with their own IP address.
Vedard Commercial Home Security includes

  • Perimeter Security Equipment – Electronic fence, Buried Fiber Optics, vibration type cable sensors, Tension-type cables and Photoelectric Beams.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems PIR detector and IR with microwave technology, intelligent Motion analysis sensor
  • Emergency Alarm fire alarms, burglar alarm with multiple call points like service center, police and fire service.
  • Security Monitoring IP camera (monitored anywhere anytime by mobile phone), Linux based Network surveillance camera.
  • Environment Danger Detection System to detect smoke, combustible and toxic gasses
  • Access Control for offices and banks with card reader, Finger Print Reader, Interlocking etc.

Advantage of Vedard Security

  • No bonds contracted home security
  • No set security systems package
  • No security technology support fee
  • Home security prepared for everything from power outage, storms, WiFi down, snag in the phone line
  • No middlemen or mark-ups

Vedard Security Alarms Customer Service Phone Number 1 (844) 327 2974
China no. +1-800-637-6126
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