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Yupp TV Phone Number
Yupp TV – Indian TV Across the Globe
Yupp TV is headquartered in Atlanta and Hyderabad and is the OTT content provider for South Asian Content. It provides this content through catch-up TV, Live TV and unlimited movies and has become a beacon of entertainment for Indian expats living across the globe. This OTT offers over 300 Indian channels in 14 Indian languages along with English. YuppTV  App can be downloaded for Samsub TVs, LG Tvs, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku and many more. Similarly the mobile app is available for both android as well as Apple devices.
Customers of Yupp TV can watch their favorite channels on TVs, smartphones, tablets, STBs, PC and gaming consoles. It covers a wide array of genres like News, Entertainment, Movies, Music, Spiritual and Business. There is no doubting the fact that Yupp has completely revolutionized how Indian TV was watched across the globe. You can find you favorite channels in the number of packages offered by the company and pay only as much as you want to watch.
Top Features of Yupp TV

  1. Yupp TV is one of the cheapest ways to watch Indian TV channel all over the world.
  2. Catchup TV option on Yupp lets you watch all your favorite programs from the past 7 days.
  3. Every country that has the option of YuppTV offers different packages on different rates depending on the channels available there.
  4. Yupp TV serves its content through different speed servers hence, you will get non stop content despite of the speed of your own internet connection.
  5. Yupp TV claims that it has no downtime and the company has done its best so far to ensure that.

The company provides excellent customer support to all its customers despite of their location. This makes using Yupp Tv very easy.
Yupp TV Customer Support Phone Number
Yupp TV has country specific customer support phone numbers. For US the number is 1866-663-7557. Use this number for everything from filing a complaint regarding the quality of your stream or if you need help to install the app on any of your devices. Call on this number for queries related to subscription, billing cycle, different program packages and password related issues. Following are the numbers of customer support for Yupp TV in various countries:
1855-498-7788 – Canada
0800-086-8286 (UK & Europe)
1800-612-952 (Australia)
800-852-3026 (Singapore)
1800-816-557 (Malaysia)
0800-452442 (New Zealand)
8000-182449 (UAE) – (Middle East)
0800-189-9368 – (Germany)
0-800-990-277 – (South Africa)
0800-080-070 – (Switzerland)
Yupp TV FAQ page – https://yupptv.freshdesk.com/support/home
Yupp TV has created an extensive support page for its customers that host a plethora of questions and its solutions. You will find listed questions under different categories for ease. You can also post your own question if you do not find your issue in the list. Choose the new ticket option which will create a new query that is addressed by the customer support executives immediately. You can also come back to check the status of the ticket raised by you.
Yupp Tv On Social Media
Twitter – @yupptv
Use Yupp TVs twitter handle @yupptv to keep yourself updated about upcoming programs and news related to the channel. You can also use it to solve your issues with the connection. So, if you are failing to login to your Yupp TV or cannot find the channel you are looking for, you can simply tweet on this handle and someone from Yupp will get in touch with you immediately.
Get on the Yupp TV’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/yupptv to get all the updates related to the channels’ top programs and other updates about the company. Use this page to get some attention if you are facing problems with your Yupp TV connection.
Yupp TV is also present on the instagram, Google plus and Pinterest but all these are more of their promotional platforms and hence posting a query on these won’t yield a result. Best is to stick to twitter and Facebook for complaints.
While Yupp Tv has a great customer service, there are times when you may not get any response from the team. At such times, one good option to solve your problems is using a trusted customer service directory like ConsensusComment. This directory is made up a team of customer care experts who work round the clock to ensure that all your Yupp TV related queries are solved and answered.

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