Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Flight Cancellation Policy Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier airline, and you should know the cancellation policies of the Turkish Airlines before going to the direct process of cancellation for Turkish Airlines flight ticket. The Turkish Airlines flight cancellation policies are as stated below. Also for getting help connect to πŸ“ž +1-845-385-5080 toll free .

Terms & Condition Cancelling Turkish Air Ticket

  • Passengers are given the flexibility to cancel their reserved flight ticket online.
  • To avail, a full refund for the fare of the air ticket booked through this airline one should cancel the reservation within 24 hours of the purchase of the air ticket.
  • For the full refund, the reservation should be made seven days or more with respect to the departure date.
  • All cancellation fees are applicable on the basis of applicable fare rule.
  • As per the cancellation policies of Turkish Airlines, passengers can get compensation on the successive booking if the cancellation of flight happened due to any technical fault.
  • Turkish Airlines Refund will not get provided for the flight ticket that the passenger had purchased using the past compensation.

In Turkish Airlines, they welcome the trained service animals in the flight. To get in with your trained service animals comfortably, review the following the lines.

  • Trained service animals can travel in the Turkish Airlines flight for free.
  • During the entire flight, the service animals should not exceed the food area of the respective passenger.
  • Service animals should be under the control of the owner, I.e. passenger.
  • Due to the safety precautions and concerns, support animals should get leashed.
  • Minimum age of the service animal carried is four months old.
  • The airline suggests that not to overfeed or overwater the service animal.
  • Trained service animals should get the seat under the guest seat or on the lap of the guest or a passenger.
  • All the passengers carrying the trained service animals should not be permitted to take their seat in the emergency exit row.

Rules When You Won’t Cancel Turkish Airlines Booked Seat

The Turkish Airlines have some set of rules, in which they had mentioned prohibited items which are restricted to bring into the Turkish Airlines flight. The restricted and prohibited items in Turkish Airlines are listed below.

  • Alcohol more than 3.4 oz.
  • Self-balancing devices that are battery operated
  • Camping equipment
  • Electronic smoking devices
  • Outdoor equipment
  • All kind of explosives
  • Flammable liquids or solids
  • Ignition substances
  • Household items like solvents, corrosive solids and more
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Liquid, gels and aerosols
  • Matches and lighters
  • Air purifiers
  • Pool chemicals
  • Pottery, glass or wood
  • Powder and powder-like substances
  • Pressurized containers
  • Printer and toner cartridges and more.

Help Line Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation

Before taking the substances with you to travel in Turkish Airlines for a journey, you can see the above list and plan accordingly to get any obstacles in your journey. For further information, you can contact Turkish Airlines Phone Number during working hour πŸ“ž +1-845-385-5080.

To cancel the air ticket booked through the official website of the Turkish Airlines or from their desk, or by visiting their official website or if you want to cancel it by phone here is the customer service number of the Turkish Airlines πŸ“ž +1-845-385-5080

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